When I was about five years old, I had the most unforgettable dream. I

envisioned myself as a grown man. In my dream I was seeing the future

me. I was in the back of a cab and approached a tall office building. I

entered the building and I hit the elevator button which took me to the top

floor. I entered a board room to greet a group of people who had

assembled and were waiting for me. After the meeting was over, I boarded

my luxurious private jet with some friends. After we took off, I looked down

on the city from the seat in my private jet and said to myself, “I made it!”

Founder Carlton D. Ferguson

What is LEARVISION? Put simply, LEARVISION is Founder

Carlton D. Ferguson interpretation of his life’s beliefs, expressed

in a fashion and lifestyle brand.  Just as I believe that greatness

has always been my destination, I want to share that belief system

with the world.  LEARVISION represents the feeling of greatness

in all of us. It represents the potential of something bigger than

yourself. The LRV brand is a symbol that dreams do come true.

It’s the realization that dreams can take flight and become your


LEARVISION lifestyle brand is Mens Clothing & Women's Clothing

launched in 2015 with an initial

line of T-shirt’s and hats. Within weeks we were sold out. I

reinvested the money from the sales and expanded our product

line to include women’s and men jumpsuits, hoodies, jackets and

more. Our product offering includes Fashion apparel for women

and men.


Catering to all demographics; LEARVISION is a line of stylish; on

trend, casual and athletic wear made of quality fabric, with designs

that appeal to the fly, fashion conscious individuals who are of this

generation innovators and creators.